Investigation of Renewal Experience and Experience Quality Levels of Open Recreation Area Visitors According to Their Participation in Activities

This study was conducted to examine the renewal experience and experience quality of outdoor activities. The sample of the research; Cruise hill city forest consists of 209 people who have experienced recreational activities and 147 people who have not yet used these areas, a total of 355 people, 154 women 201 men, between the ages of minimum 18, maximum 64, from people living in or coming to Denizli. determined. The validity and reliability study developed by Sonnentag and Fritz (2007) Yıldız et al. (2019) and the renewal experience scale developed by Kang and Gretzel (2012) was also developed by Yıldız et al. (2019) Turkish adaptation and validity and reliability studies were carried out and the quality of experience scale was used. Pearson Correlation Analysis, Independent Groups T-Test techniques were used in the analysis of the data. According to the research findings; There is no statistically significant difference between individuals' regeneration experiences [t (353) =1.79, p>.05] according to their participation in outdoor recreational activities. According to their participation in outdoor recreational activities, it was seen that the quality of experience of the individuals who participated in the activities (Mean=34.12) was higher than those who did not (Mean=31.53). The regeneration experiences of individuals using open recreation areas showed statistically significant differences in the relaxation sub-dimension [t (353) =2.261, p<0.05] according to gender. Female users have a higher refresh experience (Mean=9.85) than male users (Mean=9.62). There was no statistically significant difference between male and female users in terms of regeneration experience in other sub-dimensions. The quality of experience of individuals using the open recreation area was found to be statistically significant in all sub-dimensions and total scores [t (353) =-0.19, p>0.05]. does not show. It was observed that there was a moderately positive and significant relationship between the renewal experience and the quality of experience (r= 0.565, p<0.05). Accordingly, it can be said that as the quality of the experience increases, the renewal experience increases.

Anahtar Kelimeler

Open space, recreation, renewal experience, quality of experience