The Effect of Tennis Players' Perceived Freedom in Leisure on Life Satisfaction

Among those who play tennis, there is a subculture that spends a lot of effort on this sport. This article focuses on revealing the effect of the sense of freedom perceived by the tennis players in this group on their life satisfaction. 293 athletes from different regions participated in the research. Descriptive research method was used to collect the data and analyzes were made with SPSS 22 package program. There was no statistical difference according to gender, age, experience and occupation demographic variables. Marital status and not having an athlete's license affect perceived freedom. Singles and those without a license experience a greater sense of freedom. Another finding is that having an athlete's license has a positive effect on life satisfaction. The results obtained can be discussed in terms of being carried out in different provinces. By increasing the number of sports facilities, participation in tennis can be increased.

Anahtar Kelimeler

Tennis, perceived freedom in leisure, life satisfaction