Investigation of the Relationship between Healthy Life Skills and Life Satisfaction in University Students and Varsity Licensed Athletes

The present research aimed to investigate the effect of healthy life skills on life satisfaction and the correlation between the variables in university students and varsity licensed athletes. 249 university students selected according to the random sampling method participated in the study. Participants were students at Hatay Mustafa Kemal University, School of Physical Education and Sports. The "Healthy Life Skills" scale developed by Genç and Karaman (2019) and “Satisfaction with Life” scale adapted to Turkish by Dağlı and Baysal (2016) were used as the data collection tools. Pearson Correlation and Simple Linear Regression analyses were used in the analysis of the data. According to analysed results, there were positive correlations between healthy life skills and life satisfaction. Besides, healthy nutrition and access to health-related resources were predictors of life satisfaction in both groups, but the importance given to health and health priority predicted life satisfaction only in varsity licensed athletes.


Healthy lifestyle, health attitude, life satisfaction