The residential project areas are not only the most important elements that increase the quality of urban life but they are also functional areas that gain importance from day to day with the effect of rapid urbanization. With this study, it was aimed to determine the sports and recreation areas presented to the residents in residential projects. In the present study, the document review method which includes the analysis of the written data sources in the dimension of qualitative research techniques was used. The document review covers 29 residential projects of 24 construction / housing companies operating in the Kocaeli Province. At the stages of document review process, accessing the document, controlling the authenticity of the documents, permission to use, understanding and analyzing the documents, and using the data as the last stage have been followed (Yıldırım and Şimşek, 2004). The research data was obtained from catalogs, brochures and brochures prepared by construction / housing companies for the promotion of housing projects. According to the obtained data, it was determined that approximately 3188 dwellings were included in housing projects. In addition, there are 22 swimming pools, 22 children's playgrounds, 17 fitness, 15 basketball courts, 8 social facilities and 8 saunas, sports and recreation areas in 21 different projects in the housing projects. In addition to these, housing projects include sports facilities, social habitats, recreational areas and other attractive places in the surrounding area. As a result, sports and recreation areas in residential projects have been stated to be presented to residents in many projects. It is important to select the places for these areas to be included in the living area and to submit the areas to the post-construction service. Researchers are advised to conduct academic studies on the planning and service aspects of sports and recreation areas in housing projects.

Anahtar Kelimeler
housing, living space, recreation, sports