The aim of this study was to investigate the academic motivations of students of the Faculty of Sport Sciences and their image perceptions of their schools according to some variables. Quantitative research method was used in the study. The population of the study consisted of 850 students studying at the Faculty of Sports Sciences of a state university in Ankara and 343 students selected by convenience sampling method from this universe. Five-point Likert-type rating scale was used for Institutional Image Scale and seven for Academic Motivation Scale. Cronbach's Alpha coefficient was examined for the reliability of the data, and .92 for institutional image perception and .88 for academic motivation data. Since the data were normally distributed, Pearson Product-Moment Correlation, t-test for binary groups, One-Way ANOVA for more than two groups were used from parametric tests. Tukey HSD test was used to test the difference between the groups. According to analyze results there was a moderate positive and significant relationship between institutional image perception and academic motivation. According to the classes, there was a difference between the views on academic environment, physical environment, social environment and institutional image. There was no difference between academic motivation levels of students according to class and gender variables. In the amotivation sub-dimension, the level of female students was lower than male students. It was found that first year students had lower levels of motivation than female students compared to fourth year students.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Faculty of Sport Sciences, Academic motivation, Corporate image, Higher education