The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of 12 week eccentric-plyometric training program on body composition and body fat percentages of young wrestlers. In this study, 15-19 age group total 30 wrestlers who were 15 subjects and 15 control group were determined as study population. They all participated in the study voluntarily. The variables of the success rates of anthropometric parameters of the subject and control group athletes who was participated in the measurements were analyzed. Height, weigh, fat measurements and body measurements were to taken from athletes who joined to researchs. Skinfold sliding calipler and tape measurer were used for measurements. Durning womerseley formule was applied to measure body fat percentages. Obtained data were used for t-test for independent two groups with SPSS 17.00 program, with α=0.05 significance level, to determine differences with subject group and control group. Significance level was accepted as p<0,05-0,01. In this study, plyometric training program after training showed that the wrestlers body composition and body fat percentages revealed significant differences in favour of subjects percentages P<0.05. Findings obtained from this study presented that training programs have effects on body fat percentages of junior wrestlers.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Wrestling, Training, Body Fat Percentage, Performance.