Labour-Capital Relations in Professional Football: A Qualitative Research on the Phenomenon of Wage, Social Security and Labour Union in Lower Leagues

While football appeals as a charming theatrical recreation activity to the masses, at the same time it is a field of where labour capital relations emerge for those who perform it. Football, as one of the economic sectors existing in Turkey, reflects country-specific production relations. The purpose of this study was to analyse the football player and club management relations, in other words labour capital relations in football in sub-professional leagues especially in the third league in Turkey. Wage and social security problems of football players playing in second and third leagues in various clubs, as well as union needs consist theoretical background of this study. In the study “Semi-Structured in-depth Interview” was done with 7 football players in lower leagues and especially who experienced third leagues. According to conclusions of the study it was found that: Subjects who are playing in third league express that they earn lower wage in comparison to top leagues, they assert that contracts which they signed don’t overlap the money they agreed with managers and labour union is a necessity in sub professional leagues -especially in order to defend workers’ rights of football players in third league-. In the final analysis, problems of football workers who sustain their lives by playing football in the lower leagues relevant to wage and contract assurance are waiting to be solved, in this process union formations in football take important missions as a resolution centre.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Football, Clubs, Wage, Contract, Labour Union