The Effect of Dynamic Core Exercises on Body Composition and Some Bio Motor Skills in Young Male Football Players Playing in the Youth Field

The aim of this study is to examine the effect of dynamic core exercises to be applied for 8 weeks on body composition and some bio motor abilities (vertical jump, 10m – 30m speed, Wingate anaerobic power, back and leg strength) of young male football players playing in the youth field. The athletes (n=30) participating in the study were divided into 2 different groups, 15 as the experimental group and 15 as the control group by random sampling method. While the experimental group was doing football training 3 days a week, a dynamic core exercise program was applied for about 25 minutes beforehand. Control group participated only in football training. Athletes before the study and 8th at the end of the week, body fat percentage for body composition, bio motor abilities for 10 m - 30 m speed, vertical jump, Wingate anaerobic power test, back and leg strength measurements were taken. Intra-group analyses of the training effect were made with the Paired Simple T test, and between-group analyses were made with the Independent Simple T test. According to the analysed results, statistically significant differences were observed in experimental group's body composition, vertical jump, 10 m speed, absolute peak p, relative peak p, absolute average p, relative average p, back and leg strength values.


Core training, endurance, football, speed, strength