Effects of Cold War Politics Reflected on Sports

The concept of sports and politics is an event that has occupied the world's economic and political agenda for many years. The social power of sports spreading to large masses has always attracted the attention of political elements. Political actors, especially those who want to stay on the agenda in world politics, wanted to use the social and economic effects of sports during their stay in power. For this reason, they gave importance to mega events and wanted to show their power against other countries. The said power has led to effects that can lead to sanctions over time. Sport; It is not just a social and economic power for the world of politics. At the same time, it is a management tool that can drag people after it. Even this feature alone has caused politicians to use sportive events for their own benefit. With the technological developments, these interest movements accelerated and became an inevitable tool for politicians to show themselves in the global arena during the cold war periods. Because sport has now become one of the biggest means of sanction and showing off for all the states of the world. The most important reason for this situation is the growing volume of the sports sector. This volume of people, which started with athletes, trainers and managers, has become a global power over time. In the research, it has been examined how sports have been used as a political power on the recent war events and it has been examined due to which factors sports have started to be used as such a power in the historical process.

Anahtar Kelimeler

Olympics, sports, politics, war, economy