Reasons Why Gym Members Tend to Exercise in the Age of New Normals

The adverse effects of the pandemic are apparent to the whole world. However, there are also positive effects experienced in the so-called pandemic period and the era of new normals. One of these effects is the tendency to exercise, in other words, the gain of sports awareness. In line with this view, the research aims to examine why fitness center members turn to exercise in the age of new normals. The research group consisted of a total of 127 people, 66 women, and 61 men, attending a hotel's fitness center in the Aegean Region. The phenomenology pattern, one of the qualitative research methods, was adopted in the study. "Semi-Structured Interview Form" was used to collect the research data. In the analysis of the data, the NVIVO 10 program was used. As a result of the research, the perspectives of the fitness center members on the phenomenon of sports were gathered under the theme of being healthy and sense of beauty. The reasons for the members' tendency to exercise were similarly grouped under the theme of healthy living, followed by physical development, recreational orientation, and social interaction. In addition, a connection was established between the pandemic and exercise, and it was seen that exercise awareness was formed. In this context, in the orientation of individuals to exercise in the age of new normals; It has been noted that physical, mental, and spiritual development, strengthening of the immune system and forming a mechanism against diseases, social media statements, and the environment are effective.

Anahtar Kelimeler

Exercise, fitness, sedentary, the age of new normals