Validity and Reliability Study of the Fan Social Identity Scale

Present study aimed to adapt the "Social Identity Scale" developed by Cameron (2004) to Turkish culture as the “Fan Social Identity Scale”, in line with the determination of the social identity levels of the fans. 284 football fans took part in the study. Within the scope of the research, Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) was conducted to test the accuracy of the factor structure of the translated scale. Goodness of fit values ??were examined in order to decide on the fit of the model that emerged as a result of CFA. The internal-consistency coefficients for the sub-dimensions were calculated with the Cronbach's Alpha reliability coefficient. In addition, the relationship of the sub-dimensions of the scale was calculated with Pearson Correlation Analysis. As a result of confirmatory factor analysis, the goodness of fit indices were “χ2/df= 1.87, GFI= .95, CFI= .96, AGFI= .92, IFI= .96, RMSEA= .56, which indicates that these values are within acceptable fit values. In line with the analyzes made, it is understood that the FSIS, which has been adapted to Turkish culture, is a valid and reliable measurement tool.

Anahtar Kelimeler

Social identity, football, identification, supporter