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Anthropometric Characteristics, Body Composition and Somatotype of 9-12 Years Old Table Tennis Players

The aims of this study were to describe the anthropometric characteristics, body composition and somatotype of top-level male table tennis players, to compare the first 12 top-level table tennis players with the lower ranked players, and to establish profile chart for total of 112 top-level table tennis players. A total of 112 top-level table tennis players, aged between 9 and 12 years participated in this study. The athletes were divided into three groups, the first 12 (Group A, n=12) and the lower ranked players (Group B, n=47) and (Group C, n=53). In the analysis and comment of the data, One Way Variance Analysis (ANOVA) Test were used. There were no significant differences in anthropometric characteristics, body composition and somatotype among the groups. A mesomorph – endomorph somatotype was registered for total of 112 top-level table tennis players. But analysis, taking into account, revealed a balanced ectomorph somatotype for the first 12 players, and a mesomorph - ectomorph somatotype for B group and a mesomorph - endomorph somatotype for C group. Although the influence of anthropometric characteristics on table tennis performance is not clear yet, it seems obvious that a mesomorph - ectomorph predominance can play a decisive role in any sport, On the other hand, high levels of body fat could have a negative effect on sport performance. Regarding to somatotype assessment, balanced ectomorph was the most important component in the first 12 players. In the present study, a greater body fat mass were observed lower ranked players than first 12 players.

Anthropometric, Body Composition, Somatotype, Table Tennis


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