Physical Education Lesson within National Educational Councils

National Educational Councils have been seeking solutions for existing problems of education system. National Educational Council is highest advisory committee tasked with examining subjects related with education and take decision as advice. Examining and settling out bylaws, regulations, schedules and principles arranged by Board of Education and Discipline. These decisions have become definite after approval of Minister of Education. These councils have been taking advisory decisions and have been delivering opinions to governments. This research is a descriptive search as scanning model. National Educational Councils, laws about education, regulations, legal arrangement, several journals and statistics of Minister of National Education have been used in this research. In this case, the aim of the study is to examine aims of National Educational Councils meetings, decisions taken, effects of councils on national education and in this context physical education lesson decisions and changes.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Education, National Education, Physical Education, Physical Education Lesson