Comparison of Professional Burnout Levels of Physical Education and Sports Teachers Working in Provincial Centers and Rural Areas

The aim of this research was to determine the professional burnout levels of physical education and sports teachers working in Nevşehir and Kırşehir city centers and rural areas, and to examine whether burnout levels differ in terms of different variables. The sample group of the research consisted of 225 physical education teachers (53 in the provincial center of Nevşehir, 62 in the provincial center of Kırşehir, and 45 in the provinces). To collect data in addition to personal information form, developed by the researchers, the “Maslach Burnout Inventory Educator Form” was used. While analyzing the data, it was determined that the data did not show normal distribution, and results were obtained with non-parametric tests. As a result, significant differences were found in the depersonalization sub-dimension among the occupational burnout of physical education and teachers in terms of working in central and rural areas, in the emotional exhaustion sub-dimension according to the marital status variable, and in the depersonalization sub-dimension in terms of place of work, gender and professional service years.


Physical education teacher, burnout, emotional exhaustion, depersonalization