Ethiopian Elite Female Long-Distance Runners’ Some Physical and Physiological Characteristics

This research included 11 female professional Ethiopian elite distance athletes ranging in age from 21 to 37 years old, who run at Olympic Games, World Champions as well as in the platinum and gold label status road races. According to the WA labeling system, among the 11 samples of the runners 63.63% (7/11)) are platinum, and 36.37(4/11 are Gold Label Status runners. For a long time, Ethiopian athletes have dominated long-distance races across the world. The goal of this research was to learn about some of the physical and physiological features of elite Ethiopian female long-distance runners. Each athlete's height, weight, BMI, body composition, fat percentage (percentage of body weight), VO2 max, cooper test, exercise and resting heart rate, skinfold thickness, and blood pressure were all recorded and tabulated on the table. According to my research, living and training at high altitude, high-intensity training type, Vo2 max, running economy, low BMI, lower skinfold thickness, lower body fat percentage, and ectomorphic body composition make Ethiopian athletes so good. The VO2max of Ethiopian elite women long-distance runners competing at the international level ranges from72.6 to 81.9 ml/kg/min. The 12-minute running test (Cooper test), covers an incredible distance, ranging from 3750 m to 4200 m for women.

Anahtar Kelimeler

Long-distance running; Ethiopians; VO2 max; world athletics