Investigation of Sport Branches of a Group of Physical Education and Sports School Students

It is believed by the community that physical education and sports school (PES)'s students are always selected among successful athletes. However, especially in recent years, this belief has been losing value because of arrangements done by Higher Education Institutions (YÖK) following Undergraduate Placement Examination (LYS) scores and secondary school achievement scores affecting Physical Education and Sports entrance exam score nearly % 67. The purpose of this study was to determine the percentage of doing sport and their sport branches of students of PES in a university of Turkey. In this study, 285 (113 women and 172 man) Physical Education students participated as volunteers. It was requested to fill out a questionnaire including demographic information as "age, gender, educational department, sport branches and training year" from the participants. For analysis of the obtained data, "Descriptive Statistics" section of SPSS (Ver.22) package program was used. Results showed that 62,1% (177 people) have done sports but the 37,9% (108 people) of all students have never done any sport competitive. Football was the highest preferred sport branch among students with the proportion of 25,3%, the lowest ones were karate, skiing, and cycling with 0,4%.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Physical Education and Sports, Ratio of Doing Sports, Sport Branches