Investigation of Self-Confidence of Young People Participating in the Adventure Recreation as a Leisure Motivation

Many nations, new approaches are used to increase the physical activity levels of young people. It is one of these approaches to adventure recreation in leisure. The aim of the study was to examine the self-confidence of young people who participate in adventure recreation as leisure motivation. For this purpose, the young people who went to the adventure parks in the city of Gaziantep and the young people who attended the activities in the Erikçe Forest adventure park formed the sample. The "Leisure Motivation Scale" developed by Pelletier et al. (1991) for the collection of data, first adapted to Turkish by Mutlu (2008) and later by Güngörmiş (2012), and the self-confidence scale developed by Akın (2007). used. SPSS 22.0 statistics program was used in the analysis of the data. The normality distribution of the data was examined and Independent Samples t test, One way Anova test and correlation analysis were used. As a result, significant differences were found according to the participation in adventure recreation and athlete license status before. No difference was found according to gender and age. A midlevel positive correlation was found between leisure motivation and self-confidence. It can be said that adventure recreation in leisure supports self-confidence. It has been found that the self-confidence of the youth participating in adventure recreation is also high. It is recommended that local governments expand adventure recreation areas, provided that nature is preserved.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Adventure recreation, Leisure motivation, Self-confidence