Determining the Attachment Styles of Football Players with their Coaches

Present study aimed to determine the attachment styles of football players with their trainers and to compare them according to various variables. The relationship between athletes and their trainers is an important element to act towards goals. In this context, determining attachment styles will provide support for raising successful athletes in the long term and mentally healthy athletes by raising awareness. The research group study, a total of 233 licensed men who fought actively created in Turkey Football League players In the study, a questionnaire has created using a personal information form to collect the demographic characteristics of football players, and the athlete-trainer attachment scale to determine attachment styles. SPSS 25.0 licensed package program has used in the analysis of the data. It has determined that the data have distributed normally and Manova analysis has used to determine the relationship between the groups. The significance level in the analyzes has determined as p <0.05. While there was a significant difference in attachment styles of football players according to age, education level, duration of doing sports, sports level and duration of working with the current trainer (p <0.05); no significant difference has found according to the weekly training time variable (p> 0.05). It has observed that the sub-dimensions of the scale differed according to the variables, and it was understood that these differences have concentrated in three sub-dimensions. As a result, it has observed that amateur football players were more anxiously attached, players who had less time to play sports have tied avoiding and anxiously, and football players were tied securely with their coaches as their working time increased. In this direction, existing experiences are thought to be effective in attachment. For the realization of attachment, the athlete and the trainer must spend quality time together. In this study, factors affecting attachment levels have determined. It has been observed that these factors are important in raising successful athletes.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Emotional attachment, football, social relationship, decision making, self-confidence