Digital Addiction and Aggression of E-sports Athletes

The aim of this study was to analyze digital addiction and aggression of e-sports athletes according to various variables. Analyzing the correlations between the phenomenon was an another aim. The study was designed as a quantitative correlational survey research, and 379 E-sports athletes (Xage= 22.50±5.72), who participated in at least one E-sports competition, participated in the study. The data were collected with personal information form, Aggression Scale (Çelik and Otrar, 2009), and Digital Addiction Scale (Kesici and Tunç, 2018). The data were analyzed with SPSS 26. In the statistical tests used in the study, firstly, Skewness and Kurtosis values were examined in order to understand whether the data met the prerequisites of the parametric tests. As a result of the tests, it was decided to use multiple variance analysis (MANOVA) and Pearson correlation tests. According to analyzed results significant differences were found in the variables digital addiction and aggression of E-sports athletes according to individual features, high school student E-sports athletes scoring higher in digital addiction and aggression as well as participants who are acting a different sport scoring lower in digital addiction and aggression. Besides positive significant correlations were found between the variables. As a result, this study showed that individual features make difference in E-sports athletes’ digital addiction and aggression levels. Besides digital addiction and aggression positively correlates each other.

Anahtar Kelimeler
E-Sports, digital addiction, aggression, digital games