Current Outlook on Squash: A Systematic Review

Squash is a sports characterized with its technical, tactical, physical, and physiological properties. Despite its increased popularity, there is presently limited resources pertaining to the performance requirements of squash. Thus, this study aims to critically evaluate and present to researchers existing data on general characteristics and physiological requirements of squash. It is also considered to assist and support researchers and trainers regarding requirements of the sport and effective preparation for squash games. This study, prepared in systematic review format, was conducted on literature on squash using “Web of Science, Google Scholar, Pubmet, Researchgate and Taylor & Francis Online” databases without any restrictions in terms of the years it covers. Literature review was conducted in January-February 2021 using 5 keywords in English and Turkish. The keywords “squash”, “squash and performance”, “squash and tactical behavior”, “squash and energy systems”, “squash-specific tests” were used in the review. As a result of the assessment, a total of 21 articles were analyzed within the scope of the study. A limited number of researches related to squash was accessed, and all available literature was included in our study. Based on review of research on squash, studies on physiological requirements of squash, use of field-based tests to assess aerobic capacity, movement analysis, and cognitive-perceptual factors were identified. According to the results of the study, it was concluded that the number of studies conducted on energy requirement, speed, agility, flexibility, use of space (t-point) and performance determination methods of the sport of squash was insufficient. Increased number of researches in this area can support sports scholars and trainers to develop physiological, technical and tactical skills for squash. In addition, researchers can also assess specificity of test protocols in this area, research issues such as standardization of test procedures and equipment use.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Squash, performance, tactical behavior