Treatment of Insomnia with Aromatherapy in Athletes

In this study, literature studies which are regulating sleep quality were examined. The methods of aromatherapy treatment which is a herbal treatment to be used in order to prevent the stress situation that sleep disorders will create in individuals are mentioned. It is of great importance to deal with this problem, especially when it comes to the effects of negative situations that will create in athletes on sports performances. The importance of an efficient sleep is indisputable in order to perform sports activities successfully in athletes. Sleep problem can cause many diseases, as well as it can occur as a result of some diseases. It is obvious that the interest in the use of herbal products will increase day by day with the inhalation therapy included in the aromatherapy method, which has become widespread recently. Since they have high advantages in terms of ease of application and sustainability, herbal treatment methods, which are frequently used for this purpose, have been examined. As a result of this examination, it has been determined that the most used method in aromatherapy treatment for sleep problems is inhalation, and many herbal products, often essential oils prepared from lavender, bergamot, mint and chamomile plants, are used for this purpose. In addition, it is important to keep up-to-date studies in order to achieve the optimum intervention in the treatment of various diseases and in practices aimed at increasing the performance of athletes.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Aromatherapy, insomnia, essential oil, inhalation