SWOT Analysis of Artvin's Nature Sports and Activity Potential

Nature sports and different types of nature activities are getting more and more popular in the world, however; they are still under development in Turkey. With its’ mountains, seas, rivers, lakes and forests, Turkey offers important resources in terms of nature sports and activities. Especially, Black Sea region, located in the north of Turkey, has a great potential in terms of natural resources. Like other provinces in the region, Artvin has a great importance in terms of nature sports and activities with its’ mountains, streams, plateaus, lakes and the Blacksea. As a result of all these natural belongings, Artvin attracts much more nature lovers’ day by day. In this context, the aim of the research was to evaluate Artvin's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in terms of nature sports and activity potential with SWOT analysis. As a result of this evaluation, it was revealed that Artvin has a high potential for nature sports and activities and should be evaluated. Besides, suggestions were made on the potential of the province.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Artvin, nature sports, activity, swot analysis