Investigation of the Relationship between Healthy Lifestyle Behaviors and Eating Attitudes of University Students

Present study was conducted to analyze the healthy lifestyle behaviors and eating habits of sport science faculty students. Analyzing the correlations between the phenomena was another aim. The sample of the research was consisted of 399 students from Suleyman Demirel University Department of Sports Sciences. The research data were collected by applying the demographic information form of the students as well as the Healthy Lifestyle Behaviors Scale and the Eating Attitude Scale. In the analyzes of the data independent samples t test, Mann Whitney U test and Pearson correlation analysis were applied by using SPSS 22.0 package program. According to the results of the analysis, significant differences were found between the healthy lifestyle behaviors of the participants according to gender and income level. Besides, significant differences were found on the eating behaviors of the participants according to training level. However, no significant correlations were found between the phenomena. As a result, this study showed that males and participants with a higher income level had healthier lifestyle behaviors than females and participants with lower income levels. Furthermore, students having formal education had more negative eating habits than students having second education.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Healthy lifestyle, eating habits, nutrition