Evaluation of Relation Between Repeated Sprint Times and Aerobic Power on Young Football Players

In today's football, it is seen that footballers change positions frequently; therefore, they should apply repeated sprints frequently during these positions changes. Intermittent sprints need to be applied frequently in football, increasing the importance of anaerobic capacity and aerobic power in football. The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between intermittent sprint degrees and aerobic power. Ninety-seven footballers aged between 15-18 who are competing in the infrastructure of professional football teams from Ankara and Antalya were included in the research. The demographic characteristics of the players were recorded. Yo-Yo test and repeat (intermittent) sprint test were applied to football players. Pearson Product Moment Correlation Test for data analysis and One-Way ANOVA Test for differences between sites were compared with 0.05 error. As a result of the analysis, it was seen that the athletes with high maxVO2 value had lower sprint fatigue index values. It was noted that the athletes with short sprint times have a high maxVO2 value, but the correlation coefficient (r = - 0.273) was low. When the sprint time sum values were listed starting from the successful ones in terms of positions, they were striker, midfielder, defender, and goalkeeper. It was found as midfielder, defender, striker, and goalkeeper when ranked by fatigue values. The high aerobic power positively affects the athlete's intermittent sprint performance. According to the data obtained, it can be thought that athletes with high aerobic power can replace ATP-CP needed for sprinting more quickly. It is recommended for football players' performance that it includes aerobic power training and intermittent type sprints in football training. Besides, the athletes' maxVO2 values in some positions were found lower than the other athletes in the team. The fatigue index values of athletes with low maxVO2 values were also lower in terms of performance. The application of aerobic endurance training adapted to the positions can positively affect the performance of all positions in the team.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Soccer, intermittent sprint, aerobic power