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Hydration Status of Female Handball Players during a Match Day

The aim of this study was to determine the hydration status of women handball players on a match day. Thirteen women handball players (age = 16.7 ± 0.7, height = 167.7 ± 6.8, sports age = 3.7 ± 1) voluntarily participated in the study. In the morning of the match, before and after the match the hydration status of the athletes was determined by USG measurement, body weights and fluid consumption were followed. While the USG changes of the athletes were tested with Repeated Measure ANOVA, the body weights of the athletes before and after the match were compared with the dependent samples t test. The relationship between fluid intake and USG and body weight changes was evaluated by Pearson Correlation Test. Statistical analysis was carried out with SPSS 23 package program and p value was set at p <0.05. In the morning measurement, 10 of the athletes were in dehydrated state and 3 of them were in hydrated state. In the pre-match measurement, the results were the same as in the first measurement, while all the athletes after the match were in a hydrated state. When the USG changes of the athletes were compared, a significant difference was found between the measurements. Athletes must be acknowledged about consuming sufficient fluid during training or competition and the importance of hydration for both health and performance. At the same time, fluid availability should be advised on the field.

Sports, Handball, Hydration, Dehydration


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