The main purpose of this study was to develop a measurement tool that can measure sports consumption rates in accordance with Turkish culture. The data obtained from the study can be used as a source for future sports marketing and sports consumption academic studies. The validity and reliability studies of the Sport Consumption Scale (SCS), which is under development, were conducted on a total of 434 sports participants and followers from 217 + 217. In order to determine the validity and reliability, exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis and Cronbach Alpha reliability coefficient were used. At the end of the study, a scale consisting of 13 items explaining 60,652 of the total variance was obtained. As a result of confirmatory factor analysis, the models of the scale were found to be theoretically and statistically appropriate. As a result, it is possible to state that the sports consumption scale formed in the light of the statistical analyzes on the scale data is valid and reliable. It can be said that the scale is a new measurement tool that measures the consumption of sports as a whole and has been introduced to the literature.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Sport, Sport Marketing, Sport Consumption